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What to do with this Power Within

Colossians 3:2 says to focus on what is above and not of this earth, for what is seen here is temporary and what is within and above is eternal. From within, we best connect to what is above. This requires intentionality and focus and connection with our source and with others who know this to be true. 

As we further explore and release this power, we set sail for the grand horizon! It is ours and has been from the beginning of time. 

Do you see that the world is awakening to this reality? Yes, many things seem to be spiraling out of control, but really, as that happens and we who choose to see otherwise are spiraling upward just as rapidly! Choose where you focus accordingly, let Love spiral your world up and out of control.  Yes, lets get OUT of control. Controlling our perfect, orderly lives, others, finances and MORE and let love control us through freedom. In this internal freedom, order comes, perfect order, direction, suggestion, ideas, creativity, love and all things that are the multidimensional facets of our all knowing, perfect Father, the Triune Godhead who knew us perfectly before we were born in our mother’s womb. He loved and forgave and freed us before the foundation of the world.

Can we just breathe that in once again? Perhaps you are similar to where I was just a year ago and struggle greatly with that much acceptance, getting in your head about all the reasons WHY you are not able to be that free, that accepted, that loved…well, just being ok with where you are at is a start. You are here and want that freedom. May I say that you are, and the more you let go of understanding this love and letting it wash over you, the more your precious heart will soften and receive. 

I will say you are perfect, just as you are. 

Lets just keep breathing it in and let a gentle smile wash over your lips. Receive. 

You are seen and known and as this truth further takes up residence in your being, unimaginable explorations await!

Until next time, Selah. 


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