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Just "Better Thoughts" or be Filled with Truth?

For those who have struggled with depressive or anxious minds, some days the emotions rule and hold us back from the life we long to live…

I say for today, let’s get excited about the promises of God and move beyond the fears and insecurities that vie for our attention. 

Oftentimes, old thought patterns of past failings stick to the back of the mind like velcro and a head shake does nothing to release them. Instead, a conscious choice to remove them is required and higher thoughts must come in. 

The trouble with just “better thoughts” is that they come from you or another external place and eventually

a mind lurking in the shadows will tell you those thoughts are not true.

When the old mindsets of past trauma or mistakes dry up the life of the present moment and deflate future dreams, life-giving thoughts must come from the God who dwells within humanity. 

Whether through the written word of God, a trusted friend, or the direct source of the Living Word Himself, peace comes through what our heart knows is true, lovely, pure, kind, edifying and gentle to our nature.

While the heart may resist, in due time gradually sees the reflection of Christ, as if in a mirror. Eventually the resonance of who we are settles in as the soul accepts what the heart already knows and has always known. A release of old lies that once ruled now vacates the premises and makes way for Truth to take its rightful place. 

Never alone, never left to our own device. Fully IN the risen, whole and righteous Christ. So what does that make you?!


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