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Self - Acceptance: It Looks Different For Each of Us

Updated: May 29, 2023

Self - Acceptance

I just came from a celebration lunch with a very special young woman.

Celebrating a new chapter of independence.

Something seemed different about her this time.

Less intensity, less furrowing of her brow but went deeper and was part of her essence.

Less introspection, more simply “being” was present. She was present.

She said she was learning to accept all of herself.

Like an awakened insight into two parts of her being, one part that fights both herself and the world, and the other that is who she really is.

Getting to know who she really is has been wild, and she likes her. Says she is fun to be with so she lets her come out. When the other part comes out swinging and kicking, her true self now draws boundaries and helps protect her other part with tender, loving acceptance. This calms her counterpart quite quickly.

Who she really is is perfectly capable of sensing what the other needs. She sees her and accepts her, yet wants better for her. They are learning to trust each other, to both be present and work together. Acceptance for what is there. No hiding or shaming, but just being.

Christ is in her and He is letting himself be known. Anything contrary to His life cannot sustain itself in His presence. The parts that believe a lie about themselves get to experience validation and love then eventually let go of those hurtful ways. That is how I saw this story and can see it in all of our stories, too.

My friend doesn’t understand how this transformation began or how it will continue to unfold. She does, however; know that God is the author and perfecter of our faith and reveals himself in his own unique way when we are willing to loosen our death grip on figuring things out for ourselves. The when and how…we do not get to decide.

Today, my friend is able to accept herself and enjoy her life as it is. This sort of love expands our hearts and lets more and more life in. From there, the opportunities are endless.

What does self - acceptance look like for you? We may say we accept ourselves, but is that evident in the way we show up in the world?

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