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Moving Forward

Moving in a direction you want to go at a pace where you notice the progress requires letting go of what actually slows you down.

What should remain as you journey and what needs to go?

Carrying some things makes us stronger and equips us for the journey, other things prevent growth.

The release of sorrow, of shame, of regret, and of fear make space for a comfortable pace. Each has lied to you if they have said they are a necessary part of humility and remembrance.

Perhaps you'll even say they have already been released…but are you feeling heavy and finding such states of mind in a continual loop of recall? If so, they are not gone.

Rather than try and force them to stop, let Jesus replace them with what he wants you to replace them with.

Carry joy and child-like expectancy of love and life and beauty…even if you cannot see or feel these with your natural senses at the onset of the journey.

Remember, you are in control of your thoughts and the darkness is a liar. YOU say no, YOU speak the TRUTH over your life. You are never alone or doing this in your own strength, but rather when strength eludes you.

Not sure of the truth? Tune into the Source and ask for guidance.

Do you want resources? Ask me and I will gladly supply you with many and then Holy Spirit will tell you what your heart needs when.


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