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I Am vs I Am Not

The alarm sounds, with a groan you shut it off and gradually come to. Rubbing your eyes and stretching your bod, a familiar routine of whatever uniquely shifts you back into consciousness unfolds once again.

But what about your thoughts? What mental routine takes place for you? This might take a minute to dredge up to conscious awareness.

Just as habitual as the other waking processes, our thoughts follow a well-worn mental pathway, even if the habit or routine is not necessarily healthy.

What we say to ourselves frames our day.

When the alarm goes off, is the first thing mulling around in your head positive or negative?

“I am excited about…”

Or does “Oh crap, I am running late again. I am always late.” sound more familiar?

Just thinking about your thoughts opens the mind up to positive change.

It’s hard enough to keep our spirits or energy levels high in a world that bombards us with hard to swallow circumstances on all sides. Taking charge of our daily starting point matters because the days compound and can have a direct impact on the trajectory of our lives.

But would you agree that positive affirmations can only get us so far? So how can we shift from our subconscious negativity into a space where we can actually impact not only our day, but how we experience our lives here on earth? Join me tomorrow for a Facebook live and we can dive deeper into the topic on I Am vs. I Am Not. You can find me here on my page, @amykhauser.

(BTW, these topics are things I have had to work through and continue to in my own journey, so let’s do this together!).


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