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Amy Unfiltered Series - Overwhelming Circumstances

Circumstances feel overwhelming and have for several months. The image of a fish out of water comes to mind (maybe that is why I snapped this pic). My reactive response is to stay away from people and just be with Jesus. I have felt a strong nudge to start writing again and think I will post some as they seem fitting to do so. While I believe Papa God wants me to do this so I can experience more restful nights and to clear the mind-chatter, I also want to share in hopes of connecting with others in the midst of challenging seasons.

Today's post (and likely many of these) are responses to some of my rambling journal entries and then a response from the Spirit as I spend intimate time with the Triuness of God.

From time to time I will write what I sense the Spirit saying which will be in all italics.

Tensions are present in your physical body because your awareness is there. Funny thing is my daughter, I am also there. Your mind goes to dis-comfort and sees those as far superior to my everlasting comfort and joy.

Tis the season for tidings of comfort and joy. Tiny shifts in what beckons your awareness is what rules both your conscious and unconscious mind. Train it to attune to heavenly realities. Just because you do not feel it or easily stay in this place of our blissful union does not mean you stop and give way to what gets loud in order to gain attention. Listen to the still whisper and nudging that comes from me. Your freedom and transformation comes through my life IN you and your desire FOR it. Soon, it will become an effortless ease.

Breathe. Smile. Receive Me.

Becoming affectionately acquainted with throne room thoughts will keep you from being distracted again by the earthly [soul-ruled] realm. (“Set your minds upon the things that are above and not upon the things below.” RSV. Whatever you face in your daily lives, acquaint yourselves with the greater reality. The things that are above. Do not engage the energy of the things that are below. Also note Romans 1:18, where the word katecho is used - to echo downwards is the opposite to anoche, to echo upward- Romans 2:4 and Romans 3:26. Also 2 Corinthians 4:18 “We are not keeping any score of what seems so obvious to the senses on the surface; it is fleeting and irrelevant; it is the unseen eternal realm within us which has our full attention and captivates our gaze.” A renewed mind conquers the space previously occupied by worthless pursuits and habits. See my notes on Earthbound vs. Heavenly Dimension Realities at the end of Revelation Chapter 16.)

-Colossians 3:2 The Mirror Bible (


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