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A Different Sort of Post - Feast at the Table

Just getting back into a little writing and wanted to share the thing God put on my heart for whoever might need it today.


Feast at the Table

Utter silence fills the home, but the heart and head keep shouting. It's almost deafening.

Peace says it is ever present – waiting, longing to be seen.

Is this presence trustworthy and true? Stop questioning and just try knowing it's there.

Whether age, circumstance, or hidden fear, today the world seems no longer the same and the heart fears being left behind, forgotten, or out right inadequate. Such familiar thought processes are so easily accessed.

Not today, you whisper.

Breaking the painful silence of this space, these words are spoken aloud:

You are never alone and the more you see this the more you’ll taste it.

Scrumptious, delicious, tantalizing morsels of divine love are in front of you.

The table overflows with perfection. Nourishing delights that satisfy every unique desire within you, within me, within each distinct child of the Chef, the Creator, our Father.

Eat of me, drink of me. Take it all in and soon rivers of living water will flow out.

We gather at the table to indulge. Not a careless gorge but as each human longing rises to awareness, the perfect feast to satisfy mystically presents itself upon a priceless platter etched with our name.

Soon the outward hunger is satisfied and deep rest is a welcome sensation as Life feeds life.

Each unnamed inanition formerly cloaked in pain has been hand fed by the Master Chef, seasoned with perfect love and understanding.

Hunger pains transform to lasting sustenance and satisfies beyond the physical to the spiritual. No cheap fillers, but rather bountiful nourishment designed to energize the whole of human existence.

See the banquet before you and join in when hungers rise, heck…even when you feel full, pull up a chair and be amazed.

Psalm 107:9



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