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"I didn’t know what to expect with RMR… I was more than a little nervous, but then there was Amy! She immediately puts you at ease, there is a realness and a tenderness to her that is hard to put into words. As she guided me through our time together she was sensitive to me, and to where the Spirit was taking us. Jesus is our good shepherd who gently leads us to healing waters… Amy was His reflection and I will be forever grateful!

The gift of RMR is huge! It’s an experience that will change you and bring you into a deeper sense of the freedom and wholeness that is ours in Jesus! And for me, I now know that I’m LOVED and WANTED… in the depths of my soul! Life changes when you know this!"

J.R. RMR Client

"I am diagnosed with PTSD.  EFT tapping with some additional therapy continues to help guide me through this transformative and healing shift in myself and in my life.

Forever grateful to Amy, who first introduced me to EFT; who listened and made me feel ‘heard’, all the while making me feel at ease.

I feel much more at peace, grounded and better equipped going forward. EFT tapping is a great stress relief tool."            

L.T. EFT Client

"To say that Rapid Mind Renewal was beneficial is an understatement. I had no idea how much the traumas of my childhood along with current hardships had begun to chip away at my present day mental stability and inner peace. I knew it was time to seek help, and I had no idea where to turn.  I knew in my heart that it was going to take more than conventional therapy, it was going to take the Holy Spirit to heal all that had been broken in my heart. I am quite certain that it was God’s provision that led me to Amy Hauser and RMR. From the first meeting, I believed I was finally going to receive the closure and healing I had been searching for. Amy’s tender way of guiding me into these prayer sessions and encouraging me to truly walk in my identity as an image bearer of Jesus has been pivotal and life giving to my weary soul. I cannot recommend RMR enough. In so many ways, it has renewed my faith, restored my confidence and has given me the tools I need to commune with the Father and trust His hand and His Heart in every area of my life. I am forever grateful God led me to Amy and to Rapid Mind Renewal."

S.A.S. RMR Client

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