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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Are you struggling with panic, anxious or repetitive thoughts and emotions that make it hard to relax into peace in the midst of circumstances? Want to clear the mental clutter and get on with life? EFT sessions bring quick relief and overtime rewire the brain to bring lasting shifts in mindsets that truly impact our emotional, spiritual and even physical health. Ready to transform the things in your life that you wish were different...but you don't know how to change? Made For More EFT is a Christ-Centered emotional inner healing technique, also referred to as "tapping," that clears negative memories, thought processes, and emotions by interrupting and rewiring the brain's neural pathways. Predicated on God's physiological design of the human mind and what the Bible teaches about the power of our thought life, EFT works by affecting the electromagnetic and electrical information flow through the nervous system to certain key areas of the brain, influencing the way the information is perceived. According to Neuroscience, every memory you have is encoded in your brain with an emotional charge. This charge then creates a neural pathway to signal an appropriate physiological response every time you’re reminded of an experience relevant to that memory. For instance, in the case of writer's block, you feel stuck and unable to move forward with writing your book. Tapping helps you rewire the neural pathways that are involved with this condition, eliminating both the subconscious and conscious thoughts that are causing this negative situation. When you use EFT to transform your thoughts and emotions, you don’t just feel better physically and emotionally. Those good feelings translate into body chemicals – hormones and neurotransmitters – the "messenger molecules." These chemicals travel throughout your body, re-configuring your nervous system and promoting health and longevity. Transforming negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones not only feels good, it powerfully affects and benefits your long-term health. Over time it changes your neural network, making it better at carrying the signals of health and wellness.

  • 1 hour
  • From 50 US dollars
  • via Zoom

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