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Longing for a world where human identity is no longer tied to experience but to Truth... and doing something about it. 

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Our Mission

To creatively reveal the wholeness that resides in every broken-hearted person so they can experience more than they ever realized possible.

If you long to...

Believe there is permission to be all you were created to be

Live free from self-condemnation regardless of circumstance

Put an end to shame, fear, and negative mindsets

Then schedule a free 15-minute connect call with Amy now.



Amy loves connecting with others and shining Light when and where a little extra light is needed.  Her current claim to fame is simply being mom to two cool adult kids and two fur babies. As founder of Made for More, she gets to practice as an accomplished mindset coach, author, and certified facilitator of EFT & RMR and yoga. 


Her instinct and empathy for areas of woundedness has fueled a passion to creatively reveal the wholeness that resides in every broken-hearted human so they can experience more for their lives than they ever realized possible...

Amy Hauser is a coach, heart healing facilitator, yoga instructor, swim instructor, mentor and more


The gift of RMR is huge! It’s an experience that will change you and bring you into a deeper sense of the freedom and wholeness that is ours in Jesus!... 

RMR Client

I am diagnosed with PTSD.  EFT tapping with some additional therapy continues to help guide me through this transformative and healing shift in myself and in my life...

EFT Client

I cannot recommend RMR enough. In so many ways, it has renewed my faith, restored my confidence and has given me the tools I need to commune with the Father and trust His hand and His Heart in every area of my life. I am forever grateful God led me to Amy and to Rapid Mind Renewal...

RMR Client

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